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We create bespoke software and off the shelf solutions that deliver real benefits

data matching and analysis

Unlock the intelligence in your data to find the information that really matters

Class leading case management

Flexible and adaptable case management solutions to suit any sector and any budget. Available as cloud hosted SaaS or on premise.

Innovative Software Solutions

25 years of experience delivering a range of solutions that are professionally built, easy to use and supported by our UK based support team.

Intec for Business

Intec for Business is a privately owned software business based in Manchester, UK.

We create bespoke software solutions for the public and private sector. Our goal is to supply our customers with software that is simple to use, but can generate real financial benefits and repay the purchase cost many times over.

Our products are flexible and can adapt to any market sector, read on for more information about our solutions.

Case Management

We offer a range of class leading case management solutions that can be installed on premise or run as Software as a Service

Investigations Management

We have worked with fraud teams for over 20 years to refine solutions that are effective and relevant

Credit Reference Integration

Combine your own data with credit reference data to identify areas such as single person discount fraud, or illegal subletting

Cashable Savings

Run pre-built campaigns against your data to identify fraud and error that produces cashable savings for your organisation

Fraud and Error Reduction

Combine the power of data matching through IDIS with InCase case management to provide an end to end investigations service

Data Analysis

Import your data from disparate sources and allow IDIS to cross match and find hidden intelligence in your data

Data Hubs

Create your own data hubs and combine the data from multiple sites to match at a regional or national level

Golden Record

Match and collate all the information you hold about your customers in a single, validated Golden Record

Violent Person Register

Record and search for potentially violent people or addresses and keep your visiting staff safe

Our Latest Projects

InCase Intelligence

Our case management solution has been the class leading product for fraud teams for over 20 years.


Intec’s Data Intelligence Solution. Derive intelligence from your own data combined with credit reference data to identify fraud, tenancy issues and more.


Intec’s Golden Record Intelligence Solution will import and match data across disparate systems to merge person records into a single Golden Record

InCase 365

Our cloud based SaaS case management solution. Dynamic, flexible and accessible.

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