Over the past 5 years INTEC have been working with a number of NHS trusts and private companies on whistleblowing reporting via smartphone apps and now the introduction of a complete case management and referral system.
Whistleblowing is the act of reporting illegal or unethical activities within an organization to the authorities or the public. It is important because it can help to:
• Detect and prevent corruption and other malpractice.
• Expose wrongdoing and fraud.
• Save millions in public funds.
• Avoid disasters for health and the environment.
• Protect employees, customers, and the organization itself.
• Combat fraud.
• Avoid reputational damage.
• Prevent issues escalating.
• Minimize the chances of fraud, misconduct, and failure dominating an organisation.
Whistleblowing can also help to prevent malpractice in 3 ways:
• Encouraging transparency and accountability within organizations.
• Promoting a culture of ethical behaviour and compliance with laws and regulations.
• Reducing the risk of fraud, corruption, and other forms of misconduct.

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