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InCase 365

Cloud based SaaS case management

InCase 365 is the evolution of our class leading InCase Intelligence case management product. InCase 365 has taken the best of InCase Intelligence coupled with the flexibility of a cloud based solution, and added almost complete customisation and configuration to create a solution that is flexible and efficient.

  • Software as a Service

    A web browser is all you need to access the product, we'll handle everything else

  • Customisable

    Work with our pre-built templates or create your own to record cases about anything in any environment

  • Out of the box solution

    Use the core functionality provided to keep things simple, or choose to extend the product at your own page

  • Targeted roles

    As a case worker there are dashboards to clearly display your workload. As a manager dedicated dashboards give you an overview of the team's progress


Intec's Data Intelligence Solution

INTEC’s Data Intelligence solution iDIS, was originally designed as a Single View of Debt solution. The main function being that user can import debtor information from any source and iDIS will automatically match names and addresses within each file given you a complete view of the outstanding debts related to a person or address.

  • Multiple Campaigns

    Access to different campaigns including single person discount reviews, tenancy audits, and internal data matching

  • Credit Reference Agency Data

    Direct access to credit reference agency data to enhance your results

  • Easy to use

    A simple scoring mechanism makes it easy to see which results from your campaigns should be investigated, and which can be discarded.

  • Hubs and data warehousing

    Regional hubs can be created to combine the data from multiple sources and enhance the intelligence across your organisation

InCase Intelligence

Professional case management for teams

The use of an effective case management system has been proven to deliver up to 40% efficiency savings for your team. The combination of specifically designed user interfaces and the advanced customisation options, ensure that InCase Intelligence can be easily adapted to suit any type of case, contact, customer or information management environment.

  • Build for multiple platforms

    Choose from an on-premise installation or cloud based SaaS

  • Adaptable

    Highly customisable and adaptable to any case management requirements

  • Easy to use

    20 years of experience has created a product that is simple yet effective for both users and managers

  • Secure

    Extensive user privilege options ensure your staff only get access to what you want. And per user per case security locks down the most confidential information.


Intec's Golden Record Intelligence Solution

For several years now local authorities and other public sector bodies having been looking at the idea of having a singular golden record for every customer they interact with. IGRIS will take your data from different sources in your organisation, match and refine the data to identify a single Golden Record that represents a unique customer. 

  • Import & Match

    Our data matching algorithms will identify unique individuals across different sources of data and show the links back to their sources

  • Process

    Data is marked with a simple red amber green colouring to show records that have data conflicts and need to be validated

  • Validate

    Who is best to validate their data? The customer themselves, who can be contacted by email or letter generated by the system

  • Feedback

    IGRIS automatically sends updates to source systems to notify them when a customer record has been validated or changed

inCheck Protector

Potentially Violent Person Register

InCheck Protector is a secure PVP database allowing users to easily access risk information whilst still adhering to data protection guidelines.

  • Web Based Search

    InCheck has a web based interface which is rolled out across your organisation. The web portal allows users to search the current database without giving them access to personal data on customers they may never meet.

  • Web Based Referral

    The web portal allows users to report new incidents which are held in the InCheck admin product for review and approval

  • Intelligence Solution

    The administrator system has a powerful subject database that allows you to build a complete history of violent incidents so repeat offenders can easily be tracked and prosecuted.

  • Reporting and Monitoring

    InCheck gives you all the functionality you need to adhere to periodic review guidelines, according to your working procedures.