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With violent attacks on the increase more and more teams are looking to hold information on potential threats to their staff. These include hazardous areas to visits as well as potentially violent people and addresses. These list are normally held be each of the customer facing teams.

But ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your team/department the only one in contact with the public?
  • Do your colleagues in other areas know about this threat?
  • Do you share your information with other colleagues?
  • Do you allow access to your list, whilst ensuring data regulations are met?
  • Do you know how to access the warning list?
  • Do you know when the data was last updated?


If you answer “No” to any of these questions then you could still be a risk from violent attack and may even be in breach of data protection guidelines.

InCheck Protector is a secure PVP database allowing users to easily access risk information whilst still adhering to data protection guidelines.


Web Based Referral & Search Engine

InCheck has a web based interface which is rolled out across your organisation. The web portal allows users to report new incidents and search the current database without giving them access to personal data on customers they may never meet.


Intelligence Database

The main system has a powerful subject database that allows you to build a complete history of violent incidents so repeat offenders can easily be tracked and prosecuted.


Reporting & Monitoring

One of the biggest concerns with this type of information is the frequency it is reviewed. Good practice guides and data protection legislation say that each record should be reviewed periodically and that anyone added to the register is notified accordingly. InCheck gives you all the functionality you need to adhere to these guidelines, according to your working procedures.